APK Download

APK Exclusive Deals

1. Exempt from VAT
2. Participate in all kinds of APK exclusive events
3. More Rubies, diamonds in the in-game shop

🔺 Using the purchased items of ELYSIUM LOST as an example:
💛 [Google Play Version]➜ Pay $99.99 and get only 5,590 rubies.
🧡 [APK Version] ➜ Pay $89.49 and get 6,000 rubies!!

Receiving 410 more rubies & pay less $10.5 = pay less and get more rubies!! 🏆


1. APK version can only be downloaded using Android devices or app players.
2. Please use Android devices or app players to download and install APK, instead of using computer browsers.
3. Before installing the APK version, please bind your account prior to uninstalling the game, in order to retrieve your character data in the APK version.
4. APK may be marked as untrusted source, click "Allow" to download and install successfully.
5. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.