Premium VIP membership

1.How to become a Premium VIP Member

Once you meet the requirements, the system will send you a mobile message regarding Premium VIP Membership.

We highly recommend registering for a mobile account to ensure that you would receive all the offers and information about Premium VIP Membership.

2.Premium VIP Privileges

  • Occasional giveaways
  • Exclusive deals
  • Prompt resolution
  • Sneak peek of the latest games
  • Text messages on special offers and rewards

3.Terms and Conditions

(1) Premium VIP Member must register for the mobile account in order to receive Premium VIP newsletter and exclusive rewards. Each mobile account will only receive one reward code for each event.
(2) Please contact us through our Customer Service, we will respond as soon as possible.
(3) Premium VIP Member is responsible for all the personal data that is provided to us. If the member commits misappropriation, he or she will bear the legal liabilities. 9Splay shall bear no responsibility for any issues or liabilities caused by these actions.
(4) By completing the membership information means that you agree with all the terms and conditions we applied. We will only use the data for the purpose of maintaining and supporting the Premium VIP Membership system.
(5) 9Splay reserves the right to update the terms and conditions, our privacy policy, and update, change, or cancel all the activities we hold.