Premium VIP membership

1.How to become the Premium VIP member

The system will determine based on your purchase situation and your activeness in the game.
System will send you the mobile message regarding to the Premium VIP membership if you are qualified.
Please reply us in the Official Whatsapp Account which is the ‘9Splay Premium Member Care Centre’ .
Once we receive your reply , you can start to enjoy the privileges and services of the Premium VIP membership.
We suggest that you may register the mobile account to assure you receive all the offers and information about the Premium VIP membership.

2.Premium VIP Privileges

  • Provide free gift occasionally
  • Customized in-game props offers
  • Solve your problem ASAP
  • 1 to 1 chat via the Official Whatsapp
  • Preannouncement for the new game
  • Premium VIP newsletter and special rewards will directly send to the HP no. you provided

3.Terms and Conditions

(1) Premium VIP member must register the mobile account in order to receive the Premium VIP newsletter and the limited rewards. Each mobile account will only receive one gift code in each activity.

 (2) Please contact us by sending message via the Whatsapp Official account「9Splay Premium Member Care Centre」, our commissioner will assist you ASAP.

 (3) Premium VIP member must responsible for all the personal data you provide to us.If the member misappropriate the personal data of the others , member will have to bear with the legal liabilities.
 9SPlay will not responsible for all the issues and liabilities about the invasion of one's privacy.

 (4) By completing the membership information means that you agree with all the terms and conditions we applied. We will only use the data for the purpose of maintaining and supporting the Premium VIP membership system.

 (5) 9Splay reserve the right to update the Terms and Conditions , our privacy policy , and update, change or cancel all the activities we hold.