[Elysium Lost] 🎊1/27-2/6 SPECIAL APK Perks! 🎊

2022/01/28 00:00


⏰Event Time
*UTC-5* 2022/1/27 11:00 - 2022/2/6 10:59

Login Elysium Lost during the event via APK,
and obtain consecutive login gifts on Day3, Day5, Day7 and Day10.

Day3 ➜ Material Coupon*200 + Lv.1 Magic Att Potion*15 + Lv.1 Phys. Att Potion*15
Day5 ➜ Material Coupon*400 + Lv.2 Magic Att Potion*10 + Lv.2 Phys. Att Potion*10
Day7 ➜ 10 Talent Pts. Scroll*3 + A Wings Elixir*10 + A Mount Elixir*10
Day10 ➜ 110 Talent Pts. Scroll*2 & B Wings Elixir*30 & B Mount Elixir*30 & 100000 Silver*2 & Ir. Comb. Stone:G*1

💌Gifts Issue
Gifts will be issued by mail in game before UTC-5 2022/2/9 Wed. 05:00.

🔖Highly recommended
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1. This event is exclusively for Elysium Lost APK version.
2. Each player can only receive one reward.
(For example: players who login for consecutively 7 days can only get a 7-day reward, but cannot get 3-day and 5-day rewards)
3. In order to record your login data and send out gifts smoothly, after login via APK, be sure to tap on any Top-up items and tap “Proceed to Check” out to enter the payment page. This is only for your login record and there’s no need to pay or top-up.
4. If you are not receiving rewards after the event, please contact our Customer Service. We will confirm your login data and re-send rewards for you.
5. 9Splay Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the rights to change, cancel, or end the content hereinabove. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on the official website. Please check the latest information posted herein to inform yourself of any changes.