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Dear player, to speed up our process and provide you a prompt feedback, please provide detail information regarding your issue.Below are "Frequently asked questions" and the information required for prompt feedback, please provide them accordingly, thank you.

How To Use ‘Fast Web Login

1.Launch the game , click on the Monkey Icon > ID

2.Click on the ‘Fast Web Login’ on the bottom right.

3.Click ‘Confirm’ and proceed to the 9Splay Website. The ‘Fast Web Login’ has completed. You are now logged in to the 9Splay Website.

How to Register a Mobile Account?

1.Click on the “Member Login” at the upper right side of the website to get in the “Mobile Login”. Choose the “Mobile Account Registration” at the bottom of the website to start the registration.

2.Choose the game you play to login.

3.Fill in your “Game Account” and “Login Code” which can be obtain from the monkey head icon in the game. Besides, you can choose to login by scanning the QRcode.

4.Choose the country you stay in and fill in your mobile phone number (exclude the country code). After you have done it , please click on the “Send the Verification Code”, the code will be send by text message to your mobile phone. Please fill in the verification code to start the verification.

5.Please set your password and confirm the password and the password setting will be complete.

6.After you done the mobile account registration, please click on the “Member Login” located at the upper right side of the website to log in using your mobile account.

How To Set Password for Mobile Account

1.Click on the “Member Login” via the 9Splay Official Website.

2.Choose “Mobile Login”, click on the “Set Password(Suitable for members who had bind the mobile number haven’t set password)

3.The webpage will lead you to the “Mobile Account Registration”, please fill in the mobile number that you had bind to the game.

*Click on the “Send the Verification Code” after you fill in the mobile number.

*Fill in the verification code you received from the text message of your mobile phone. Click on the “Start the Mobile Phone Verification”.
4.The webpage will lead you to the “Mobile Phone Binding” page after you have done the phone verification, please set your password and confirm your password.

*Click on the “Set Password” below when you done with the password setting.

How To Use Web Top-Up? (Brazil)

1.Please log in to your account before you start the purchase. Tap on the ‘Shop’ and proceed.

2.Click the ‘More’ button on the upper right , choose ‘Shikigami:Myth’.

3.Choose the item you wish to purchase.

4.Please choose your server and character name.

5.Fill in your email to receive the payment receipt from Paymentwall. Click on “Proceed to Checkout” to complete your purchase.

6.Choose the payment method you wish to use , fill in your personal information and confirm your payment. After the purchase has complete, the item will be sent to the game account you filled in previously in 5-10 minutes time.

How To Use The Online Customer Service?

1.Click on the upper right “Customer Service” button

2.Click on the “Enquiry” in the Customer Service Centre

3.Choose the game you play.

4.Please provide the game server and character name accordingly and fill in all the details. If you have the screenshots regarding to your problems , please upload it together with your enquiry.

5.Click the “Send” button when you have done filling all the information. The customer service will get back to you soon during the working hour, you can check the progress of your enquiry in the “Answer”.

Find Account/Password

Please provide the following information:
1.Game account
2.Character name
3.Server played on
5.Payment records (ie: MyCard payment successful serial numnber, Google Play payment receipt..etc)
6.Legal full name and contact number
7.Download service form and affidavit letter

If you are experiencing issue with Google Play or Apple payment orders, please check if you have received an order receipt.

If you paid via credit card but did not receive an order receipt (or received an SMS payment notice), then the order was not successful and you will not be charged.

If you received an order receipt from Google Play or Apple but did not receive your in-game currency

Please provide the following information:
1.Game account
2.Character name
3.Server played on
4.Order number info (Order number account, time of purchase, item purchased - fastest way is to forward Google Play's order receipt email, when doing this please change your mail title to avoid the mailthread being included with other users)

Forward Google Play order receipt

Use your Google Play account and password to login to Gmail (, your Order Receipt mail from Google Play is sent to this mailbox. Locate the Order Receipt mail for the transaction in which you did not receive the in-game currency, then Forward the mail to the customer service mailbox for your corresponding game. Remeber to change the mail title to include your Character Name and Server.
.PC version method:

.Mobile version method:

Please provide the information below.(1.Server 2.Account 3.Character Name 4.Level 5.Describe your problem in detail. 6.Problem occurred date & time 7.Screenshots 8.Order number of the payment) Customer service will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

Type of Feedback

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Game Account
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*Picture format: Can upload up to 3 JPG,PNG,GIF,JPEG files.Each files must not exceed 3MB. *Please fill in the information as detail as you can so that we could resolve your problem as soon as possible.
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Dear player, please provide the information that related to your questions.

Below are the information that needed for the “FAQ”.Please provide us the details and we will reply you as soon as possible.
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