[Timed] Fair Competition

2023/07/14 00:00

4v4 Showdown: Secure 50 Gems to Win! Exciting and Thrilling Battles, Only the Victors Reign! Today, let's introduce the Fair Competition gameplay to our friends!

In this Fair Competition , two teams of 4 players each compete to secure and hold 50 Gems on the battlefield. Players must work together, strategize, and protect their own Gems while attempting to steal Gems from the opposing team.

Key to success in this mode is teamwork and tactical coordination. Players can choose different characters, each with unique abilities and skills, to cater to the team's needs. Communication and cooperation are vital as players devise strategies and engage in battle.

The matches will be filled with tense and thrilling moments. Players must stay vigilant, track enemy movements, and allocate team resources and roles effectively. Skill and quick reflexes during combat will also play a crucial role in determining victory.

The Fair Competition  offers a compact and intense gaming experience, allowing players to showcase their combat abilities and teamwork within a limited time frame.

Join in the heart-pounding 4v4 Showdown battles! Unleash your tactical wisdom and combat skills to become the victorious champion!

Wishing you an enjoyable gaming experience!

[Apocalypse : Dual Dream] Team