[Guild] Guild x Assist x Zeny Store

2023/07/05 00:00

Guild x Assist x Zeny Store

Hello, this is GM.

Today, we have prepared the tips for players to improve power.

After you join the guild, players can use the assistance system to ask for help or help guild members when fighting Boss.


Players can obtain Zeny from Guild Boss, Guild Feast, Guild Defender or by using assistance system to help your guild members, and Zeny can be used in Zeny         store to exchange items to improve your power.


Now you know that join a guild is really important to you, let’s start to join a guild or create your own guild!!


1. Assistance system

     - Ask for help when fighting Boss

   -  Help guild members

2. Zeny

    - Zeny Store

    -    Get Zeny


Let's improve our power by Guild, Assist system, Zeny Store now.

Thank you for supporting “Apocalypse : Dual Dream”!