[Tips] Tips to Achieve R4

2023/07/05 00:00

Tips to Achieve R4


Hello, this is GM.

As most of players are stuck in the R4 task. Today we have prepare some tips

for all players to achieve R4 quickly.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service center.

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In R4 task, the most troublesome problem is to “Lighten Soul Slot”.

A total of 96 “Shimmering Walker Eye” needs to complete the mission.



!! Now only needs less than one hour to achieve R4 !!

Three tips to collect “Shimmering Walker Eye”

1. Monsters

All the monsters will drop “Shimmering Walker Eye”, maximum 100 items per

day. Spend almost 1 hr to complete R4 task


2. Monsters + Ruby:

In Ruby Mall, you can spend 500 Ruby to get a R4 Rebirth Speedup Pack (10

Shimmering Walker Eye), maximum 2 quota per day. It helps you to save at least 10 mins to complete R4.


3. Diamonds:

The most fast way to collect all “Shimmering Walker Eye” is to spend Diamonds. As 30 Diamonds/1 item, spend 2880 Diamonds to complete R4 in 1 min.


Benefits after completing R4

       1. Equipment: Unlock T9 & T10 set

       2. Unlock 2 new Kills:

        -  “Red Lotus Realm”, deals 440% damage to 4 nearby enemies and removes debuffs from nearby allies.

- “Last Stand”, When the character’s HP is below 20%, reduces damage taken

within 3s by 95% and recovers 20000 HP.

    3. Best Rewards: “T9 2-star Red Armor Custom Chest”, remember to collect it.


4. Epic Treasure: Better Weapon, New Mount and more materials, etc.


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