[Q&A] Apocalypse : Dual Dream Q&A

2023/07/05 00:00

Apocalypse : Dual Dream Q&A


  1. How to claim the activation code?


a. Click “Welfare” icon on your upper left.

b. Tap Code -- Enter activation code -- Claim Reward

c. Receive rewards from in-game letters. (From “Friends” icon or emails icon at

the bottom of the screen)

2. What should I do when I am lag in the game?

Ans: Tap setting and then switch image quality to improve game fluency.

3. Why I can’t successfully modified my avatar?

Ans: After uploading the photo, the photo needs to be reviewed first. If the review is successful, the photo can be used as the avatar.

4. When will the market trading function open?

Ans: Lv. 80.

5. How to share our coordinates to others?

Ans: Open the location sign at the bottom left of the chat bar

(Only accepted in global screen).

6. How to modify the setting to auto-playing voice in chat?

Ans: In “Setting”, you can adjust to auto-playing voice in chat.

7. How to active VIP?

Ans: You can purchase VIP card and then upgrade VIP level by completing VIP


8. When can a player apply or create a guild?

Ans: Lv. 110.

9. What is the grading of equipment?

Ans: Blue, purple, orange, red and colored.

10. How to trade in game?

Ans: You can use the “Market” system to put items for sale, and other players

can buy them with diamonds.

11. How to increase the maximum number of the guild members?

Ans: By upgrading guild level.

12. How to switch perspectives?

Ans: You can switch between 2.5D / 3D viewing angles by clicking the icon at the bottom left.

13. How to screenshot in the game?

Ans: You can click the “photograph” in the menu to take a photo.

14. Is there a marriage function in the game?

Ans: when both players reach Lv. 200 and both intimacy reach 100, you can

apply for marriage at Saint Delos (NPC Priest).

15. How to get mounts in the game?

Ans: After reach Lv. 50, you can unlock mounts through main missions.

16. How to switch to “attack mode”?

Ans: Click the “Peace” button next to your profile picture in the upper left corner, and then you can choose the attack mode you want.

17. Where to get Boundary Dust?

Ans: it can be obtained by killing monsters in the wild and special holiday events.

18. How to combine equipment?

Ans: After reach Lv. 100. Only equipment with Orange 2 Stars or higher can be used to combine.

19. How to upgrade the wedding ring?

Ans: Obtain the “Love Stone” to upgrade the wedding ring.

20. How to get runes?

Ans: Runes can be obtained by challenging the “Midnight Palace”, Rune Treasure Hunt and special events.

21. How to get prestige? And where to use it?

Ans: Prestige can be obtained through “Arena” and can be exchanged in mall.

22. When world BOSS open?

Ans: Lv. 100. Challenging the world BOSS to get more rewards.

23. Where to use VIP emoji?

Ans: Click Chat and then tap the “emoji” to choose special VIP emoji.


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