[Guild] Mobile Verification

2023/07/05 00:00

Hello, this is GM.

Today, we have prepare some tips for all players to complete our mobile


We recommend to completing our mobile verification to receive the latest news.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service center.


Customer service:  https://global.9splay.com/Service


1. First, click the "Monkey" floater service menu on your left side.


2. Tap on "Support" tab.


3. Tap on "Bind" key.


4. Enter the phone number and then complete our mobile verification.

(If you can't find the country you at, please select "other" and make sure to type 

phone no. with country calling code)​



Thank you for supporting “Apocalypse : Dual Dream”!

Customer service:  https://global.9splay.com/Service


Apocalypse : Dual Dream GM