[Guide] Official Website Login

2021/02/24 00:00

Hello! This is your 9S Assistant! (*°ω°*ฅ)*♡
Here's what we'll learn today:
4 simple ways to login to the website!

Let's take a look together~

⭐️1. Quick Login⭐️
\!!! Highly Recommended !!!/

Of all 4 ways of logging in,
Quick Login is the fastest and the easiest.

(1) Click the in-game "monkey icon"
(2) Click the "Quick Login" on the right

(3) Click the “Confirm” to open and view in browser

3 Seconds and you're logged in!
Let's give it a go! ฅ՞•ﻌ•՞ฅ

2. Account Login

For this method,
either a "Game Account/Login Code" or a "User ID/Password"
is all you'll need!

"Game Account/Login Code" and "User ID/Password"...
What if I don't know about mine?
Click the in-game monkey icon to view your info!

Try to follow the steps below:
(1) Enter "Game Account/Login Code"
or "User ID/Password"
(2) Click "Account Login"

3. SMS Verification Login

Login with SMS verification is also easy!
However, you need to have a bound phone number first! (*´・з・)
It only takes two steps~

(1) Enter phone number, and then click "send code"
A verification code would be sent to your phone via SMS shortly.

(2) Enter the code in SMS and click "SMS Verification Login"
That's all. Done!

*For those who haven't bound a phone number, please use "Account Login" to bind your numbers first.
*Please try again if you do not receive the SMS within 10 mins of clicking "send code"
*You can only receive SMS up to 10 times a day.

4. Mobile Login

For players with a bound number and a mobile password,
you can login this way!

(1) Enter your mobile account/password
(2) Click "Login"

*For those who haven't bound a phone number, please use "Account Login" to bind your numbers first.
*For those with bound numbers, please set your Mobile Password first.

These are the 4 ways of logging in.
Please choose whichever way that suits you the best!
Login now to enjoy exclusive official site discounts! o(*≧▽≦)ツ
Feel free to contact the customer service should there be any issues. ♡

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