Elysium Lost

Medieval Fantasy MMORPG

<FONT COLOR="#922B21">Medieval Fantasy MMORPG</FONT>

<FONT COLOR="#922B21">Darkness before dawn.</FONT>


Experience a medieval fantasy world with legendary narratives, large-scale wars, and explosive actions. As a Descendant of the Gods, how will you weave your legend?


<FONT COLOR="#2E86C1">Epic Adventure</FONT>

-Embark on an epic journey in an immersive medieval fantasy world.

-Indulge in action-packed, thrilling gameplay with incredible graphics!


<FONT COLOR="#2E86C1">Dual-Talent System</FONT>

-Enjoy different playstyles as you switch freely using the dual-talent system.

-Create countless dynamic skill combos to defeat your enemies!


<FONT COLOR="#2E86C1">Cross-Server Battles</FONT>

-Partake in numerous exhilarating cross-server events and challenges!

-Join players from all servers to compete for bountiful rewards!


<FONT COLOR="#2E86C1">Collect and Upgrade</FONT>

-Catch a plethora of pets on Pet Island!

-Collect a wide range of mounts to keep you company on your exploration!


<FONT COLOR="#2E86C1">Territory War</FONT>

-Defend your territory and test your skills!

-Claim your victory by destroying your opponents’ crystals!


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